Vaping for Beginners

Have you ever been curious or intrigued about vaping? With all the different devices and juices out there it can be pretty intimidating jumping into the unknown world of vaping. Along with all the potentially hazardous chemicals that are talked about way more than the beneficial effects you could receive from vaping the right product with the correct device! This article will discuss a few different tips for first time vapers out there!

First things first, acquiring the right product, and device is crucial to a great vaping experience. Finding a reputable company that shows what all is in their products and how much of each ingredient is present. We at Clouds by Design take great pride in the many tests done on our products to provide our customers the most beneficial, safest vaping experience! We use ceramic coils to ensure no metal flakes from the heating process, bamboo tips that are eco friendly, and all natural ingredients in each one of our products! Supplying two different types of vaping liquids, we have our Delta 8 THC cartridges, and our new product Delta 8 E-Juice.

A great beginner device that's more commonly known is the 510 battery or 510 vape pen, referring to the type of handheld portable vaporizer battery that fits and is operable for all 510 thread prefilled cartridges. The installation for a 510 thread cartridge to a 510 thread battery is quite simple, you'll notice the battery itself features a female thread and the cartridge features a male thread, all you need to do is gently screw the cartridge clockwise. Please note that not all the 510 thread batteries are the same when it comes to power on/off, adjusting the temperature, and how to charge. Some specific models are uniquely designed so please check the user's manual or ask your vendor if you are unsure to avoid risk of damaging your products. This style of battery is great for higher concentrated prefilled cartridges that you plan on only taking small, sporadic puffs throughout the day!

For the cloud chasers out there a box mod kit is your best move! This kind of device is enhanced or modified to include certain advanced features. Box mod vape starter kits are made up of a tank, a mod, and a battery. They are generally more customizable than vape pen kits. However, the separate tank, mod, and battery mean that there is more maintenance involved, so disassembly and a minor cleaning every once in a while is needed to keep it running in tip-top shape. With the many different features mods have it is important to read the instruction manual front to back! Although you can use a cartridge on a mod, people have found that because you’re more frequently hitting the mod and talking larger draws, E-juice that is lower in concentration, especially for Delta 8 THC users, has a better effect, taste, less throat irritation, and all around better clouds!

Vaping definitely isn't for everyone, but for the cloud dreamers and the little puffers that often ask what's the best device for me? The honest answer is, it all depends on what experience you’re looking for! The best vape device is the one that allows the vaper to vape the way they want to vape! The best type of device for someone else, might not be the best device for the experience you’re seeking. My advice to anyone that has interest in vaping is to do your own research and decide what best would fit you! I hope that this post helped make you feel a little less intimidated by the vast world of vaping! Who knows maybe you’ll be making your own Clouds by Design one day! ;)

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